Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ovulation prediction tests or kits (OPK's)

I want to look at OPK's a little more closely. OPK's (ovulation prediction tests/kits) can give you a better idea of when you are ovulating. First, I want to say if this is your first month trying, try not to use OPK's...... just enjoy trying-to-conceive. Just have sex every other day, and see if it works. The first couple months we just tried without using OPK's. After a couple of months though I decided that OPK's were probably needed in our tyring-to-conceive journey. So what are OPK's? They come in different forms..... some are strips, some are midstream tests, and some are actual fertility monitors. They all detect the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. The LH surge occurs approximately 24-48 hours before ovulation occurs. With the fertility monitor it not only detects the LH surge, it also detects a spike in estrogen. OPK's are pretty easy to use. There is a control line, and a test line. With most OPK's if the test line is darker or the same color as the control line, the LH surge has been detected. This signals a very fertile period, so intercourse is strongly recommended. OPK's are best taken in the afternoon (unless the directions specify otherwise). You can buy them at grocery stores or online. I have noticed that just because you pay more does not necessarily mean you are getting a better product. Personally my favorite brand is the dollar general brand. A package with 5 tests costs $6. They are midstreem tests but I use them just like the dip strip ones. Here is a pic of some negative tests from this brand....... Notice the test line is on the left, while the control line is on the right.

Here is a pic of a positive dollar general test

  My next favorite brand are interent bought tests from  These babies are cheapies, only costing about $1 a test, but goodies. These are strips so you have to use a cup with these, but this company also sells midstream tests. Here is a negative pic...... Notice once again the test line is on the left, and the control is on the right.
Here is a positive with this test brand

My least favorite brand is Answer. These tests are not as sensitive as the other brands, and are super thin. Even when my LH surge was detected, it was not nearly as dark as it would be with another test. These tests though are easy to find. I can find them at the local grocery store. They are cheap too..... you pay about $20 for 20 tests.
Here is a negative pic (it is the bottom test)......... Notice the test line is once again on the left, with the control on the right.

Here is a positive test

This though is my personal preference. Every women is different so what works well for one may not be the same for another. I will also leave you with an awesome website that has a lot of useful information pertaining to OPK's and pregnancy tests.

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